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Solar Energy

Solar Energy | Positive Energy Solar - Albuquerque, NM

Some studies have shown that solar energy cuts the cost of heating water in half. Solar panels are increasing in efficiency as time goes on. Extra solar panels can be added later if a homeowner or business owner decides to add on to the structure or if they just want to add to their current system.

Customers can free their lives from the grip of fossil fuels at least partially, with the installation of solar panels. Resist paying the oil companies and save money. Positive Energy Solar has many installers so that customers can start the process quickly, especially since there are many avenues of payment.

Some companies do not concern themselves with warranties and guarantees, installing any panels they happen to have in stock. This is not a good idea. Our company gives buyers a choice of panels and prices and all of them have warranties. There are 25-year product warranties on premium panels and 10-year warranties on standard panels. Workmanship and inverters also have 10-year warranties, and the power warranty is 25 years.

Good solar panel systems last for decades, saving a great deal of hard-earned money. Solar panels add value to a house at resale time; it's a good investment for whoever lives in the house.

Commercial buildings see notable differences in fuel costs after installing solar panels. Many types of businesses have installed them: medical offices, veterinary clinics, hospitals, factories and large office complexes have installed systems designed to work efficiently for the type of structure they have.

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